About Us



In 1963 a committee was formed to establish “An Aged Welfare Centre” in Bassendean. The current building was completed in 1966 and was run by the Bassendean Senior Citizen’s Welfare Association Inc.

Initially, association volunteers ran the hall for seniors activities, Meals on Wheels, a podiatrist and also hospital visits. By 1990 the situation had changed as Meals on Wheels was becoming unviable so finance was becoming a problem.   In 2005 at the request of the Seniors, an agreement was reached for the Town Council to take over the ownership and running of the hall although provision was made regarding the continued use of the hall by the association. Seniors activities continue to be run by members of the association which is fully self-funded.

In this society of the ever young, the word “senior” is no longer “cool” so the committee decided that as we had to update our constitution to comply with government regulations we would also change our name to Bassendean 55 Plus Association.

A full history of the association is available at our office.

Bassendean 55 Plus is a not for profit organisation.

Membership is $20 per year.

Our vision is to provide activities and a social hub for 55 plus members of the community.

Our goal is to promote social interaction for everyone by encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

We transport members from their homes to the club and to other activities in a safe and comfortable manner.



Meet the Team


John Sutherland

                                  Delys Wright
                  Christine Fisher
                                                    Robert Giesrch          

Arlene Barbadillo-Rudland